Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Peek-a-boo Paperie

Baby Style Watch is stepping outside of the box today. Although we typically review clothing and accessories - we couldn't keep this a secret! If you are looking for something completely different and unique when it comes to baby birth announcements, then you must check out Jill Haydinger's designs at Peek-a-boo Paperie.

The company began with the birth of her beautiful neice, Hannah, a baby full of personality! The two sisters joked how she had quite a set of lungs and would make a good singer - and so the "Born to Rock" birth announcement was born. Jill later founded Peek-a-boo Paperie, a line of lighthearted, edgy, and fun customizable birth announcements.

Going beyond the typical shades of pink and blue, Peek-a-boo Paperie designs truly express the uniqueness of each baby's personality. Inspiration for her announcements comes from the nicknames and affectionate terms many parents call their newborns such as "Our Little Sweet Pea" and "Our Little Monster".

Why will you love Peek-a-boo Paperie? They are the first birth announcement site to use flex software, which gives you the flexibility to place your baby's photo into the announcement online and resize, rotate, and crop them online before ever placing an order. How cool is that!! Top sellers at Peek-a-boo Paperie include "Bad to the Bone from Birth", "Born to Rock", and Life is Sweet". Our personal favorite is the "Former Wombmates" for newborn twins. Be sure to check back around the holidays for their ultra cool line of Christmas cards and announcements to show off your little one in style!