Sunday, March 1, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Bibzees

It’s about time! Now you no longer have to conceal your baby’s style with a bib – because the bib is the fashion statement.

The idea for Bibzees was born when Beth Powell gave birth to her son in January 2007. Pleasantly surprised at how far boy’s fashion had come along, she enjoyed dressing her little man in vintage washed jeans, camouflage cargos, and graphic tees. The problem was after 15 minutes his shirt was soaked from spit and drool. Like many moms, she decided it was easier to have him wear a bib than to change his clothes every few hours. Even though her little boy had many trendy bibs – none of them seemed to match the outfits he wore. That’s when the idea for Bibzees made sense.

Bibzees are 3-piece sets that include a bodysuit and two bibs where the cool graphics are on the bib instead of hidden beneath. Each set comes with two bibs so when spit up and drool happens, you switch out the bib instead of changing an entire outfit.

At Bibzees, there is a design for every little personality. Our favorites include the Rocker and Diva. They even have an eco-friendly line for baby and toddlers. ADDED BONUS: Baby Style Watch readers will automatically receive 10% off all orders by entering their site by clicking HERE.